Monday, April 20, 2009

One month

Four weeks from today, I will be in London. Well, presumably ... unless I miss my flight, am detained by customs or the like ... knock on wood. I'm such an optimist; however, I would have plenty of material for my first article. That's a glass-half-full concept.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Introduction to blogging ...

So, I've decided to create a blog ... obviously. Honestly, I've been kind of reluctant to create one for fear of turning into the next Emily Gould. But that won't happen ... I'm not exactly keen on bearing the intimate details of my life for the world to see ... and Facebook is more my style anyway. So, the reason I've created a blog is to document my trip to London and Scotland during the summer of 2009, so that everyone at home can see what I'm doing while I'm away. I'm so excited to go! I'm just in the awkward anticipation phase right now: three weeks of class, one week of finals and one week at home ... then I'll be across the Atlantic!