Saturday, May 30, 2009

All You Need Is Love ... and Directions

This week, we were supposed to go on a Beatles tour. We ended up missing it, which was very disappointing, considering how much I love the Beatles and that this tour was probably the one I was most excited for. Because we missed the tour, we had the rest of the day off, so Rachel and I decided we really wanted to see Abbey Road and would just show up there ourselves. 

It turns out that the tour wouldn’t have even taken us to Abbey Road, which, in my opinion, entirely defeats the purpose of a Beatles tour and is really the only thing worth checking out.

So, we went to Abbey Road. I got my arm caught in the tube door, which is always fun. (Obviously, I am more than willing to sacrifice my physical well-being to see Abbey Road.) Also, we, of course, took the scenic route (i.e. went in the wrong direction) once we reached the tube stop. However, the hassle was well worth it, because WE GOT TO SEE ABBEY ROAD!!!!!!!

We were typical tourists, who walked back and forth across the zebra stripes and pissed off local drivers, since they have to stop when we cross. We saw Abbey Road Studios — well, at least from the outside. We also wrote messages on the white walls outside of the building.


So, overall, the journey to Abbey Road paid off. If not for all of those mishaps, we never would have gotten the chance to see one of the best sights we’ve seen thus far on the trip.

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