Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wise words from my brother

On our second day in London (Tuesday), when we went to the London Center for class and, thus, had access to at least marginally functioning technology for the first time, I sent an e-mail to my brother and parents, explaining my technological woes.

After telling him that the power blew out in our room and that my laptop charger is now fried, my brother replied, "Haha you blew out the power ." After complaining that London technology hates me, he replied, "I am sure London does not hate you, it probably just dislikes you. "

Thank you, Steven. At least that made me laugh.

So, we now have the Internet, as slow as it is. My charger is still fried (thankfully, Jess is lending me her charger at the moment), meaning that I must find an Apple Store to go to, so that I can get a new one. Not cool. However, I am otherwise enjoying this trip very, very much and refuse to let my computer problems ruin my good time.

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